Mallinatha Suri -Scholar – commentator – translator

Mallinatha Suri

Among the most influential litterateurs in Indian literature from the 2nd millennium CE, is Mallinatha Suri. His name has become synonymous to translation and commentary in the world of Sanskrit literature. So much so, that the word, “Mallinathi”, has come to mean commentary in the Marathi language.

Mallinatha was born in the village of Kolachalam, the present day Kulcharam in Medak district of Telangana state. His grandfather was a poet in the court of Kakatiya Prataparudra and was much decorated. Mallinatha Suri was recognized and decorated by Sarvajna Singabhupala of Rachakonda, the independent velama kingdom just south of the present city of Bhagyanagar. He then became a poet in the court of Deva Raya II the king of Vijayanagara.

He was deputed by the king to resolve a dispute in Kanchipuram. A task that he achieved successfully. He wrote several commentaries, original works, technical treatises on logic, grammar, prosody and many other scholarly works.

His commentaries on Kalidasa are the most popular commentaries on Kalidasa’s works. The only practical route to access to those most famously complex works of Kalidasa.




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