Samvit Prakashan and CSIS Dakshinapatha Studies jointly organized the book launch of the Telugu book `Tippu Nijaswarupam’ on the evening of 5th November 2023 at Dadawadi Jain temple hall, Sikh village, Secunderabad.

Dr Gopal Reddy, President CSIS in his opening remarks introduced CSIS Dakshinapatha Studies and stated that work regarding unearthing the forgotten chapters of history is being undertaken by the organization.

The chief guest, Dr Narra Bhupathi Reddy, geo-physicist and groundwater specialist, who also runs the organization e-sreshta, in his keynote address stated that, unfortunately our society is neither aware of its glorious past, nor about it’s own enemies.

The translator of the book, Smt Hemalatha in her talk, explained in detail, on how the original author Sri Gajanan Mahandale,  placed all facts on the table after in-depth research.

Ms Shailaja, representing Samvit Prakashan explained that the publication firm in a short time has published about 30 titles which are of great importance and value. Earlier the same author Sri Mahandale’s book `Sivaji’ was also was translated by Sri Kesavanath and published in Telugu. Samvit is systematically unearthing forgotten, distorted or ignored chapters from history and have come up with a series of publications with valuable content like – `Akhari pravakta, Khilafat, Bengal Bleeding, Goa Inquisition, Matham perutho akramalu’ and many others; three titles are published on the `Nizams’ rule’ in Hyderabad; classics like `Sivasya kulam’, `Siva Bharatam’ and `Charvakam’ are published, and some important translated works include `Gangalo Vishanagulu, Islam Antharangam’ etc. She invited the audience to visit the websites of and; she thanked the speakers, organizers and the audience for a wonderful evening of book launch. The event was attended by a large number of audience.

The book originally written in English `Tippu as he really was’ by Sri Gajanan Bhaskar Mahandale has been translated into Telugu by Smt Hemalatha Gooda and published by Samvit Prakashan.

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