Timeline of Hijab propaganda

Credits : Vijay Patel @vijaygajera

https://twitter.com/vijaygajera/status/1491728209200783360?t=4t5GSpV2CYV1znRMa0q8xQ&s=08 Extremely important thread.

1. Real timeline of Hijab propaganda.
This thread is really important for the future of India.
You are going to know about the radical group and their propaganda.

You will also learn How communist media helped them.

So let’s start 👇

2. Early in September 2021, a radical and criminal student group Campus front of India(CFI) has started its membership drive in colleges including Udupi.

Campus Front of India is part of the radical Islam group Popular front of India (PFI) https://t.co/aGq5eUrQrC


3. Just after one month, in a very similar period, all four initial alleged victims of Hijab propaganda have opened their accounts on Twitter.

And started to promote the agenda of CFI by taking part in hashtag Champions. https://t.co/Gooy6RkKgs

4. Now here let me draw your attention to one point.
In an interview with BBC, one of the alleged victims has told that they were not members of CFI.
They have contacted them only after the Hijab controversy! https://t.co/tl7Pwk6Bxi

5. But was she saying the truth?
No, at least their Twitter timelines say a different story.
From the first day of their on Twitter, they were started to propaganda of CFI.
Let me show you some patterns of their posts.

6. They have started to post copy-paste tweets to take part in the hashtag Champion of CFI on 1st November 2021.
This hashtag was against the new education policy. https://t.co/NhaKSxwI9X

7. As you can see in one of Muskaan’s tweets, this hashtag champion was started by CFI. https://t.co/RVeI2iMqiF

8. Next CFI hashtag was started on 8 November 2021 regarding Babri Masjid.
Just look at the language they have used and their copy-paste work. https://t.co/1APYqXpZ0T

9. President of the CFI has also done tweets in this Champion.
You can also see their poster regarding this Twitter champion. https://t.co/8PWkxUK6Nn

10. Next Twitter champion of CFI was on 11th November 2021 regarding Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad. https://t.co/N5iNjogD9o

11. Here again you can see that girls were part of the WhatsApp group or the toolkit of CFI to promote their hashtag. https://t.co/oeGFKAOOid

12. On 19th November 2021, they are again part of a hashtag champion of CFI.
Look at the language and words they have copy-pasted from the toolkit. https://t.co/55uqzNdesd

13. On 21 November 2021, CFI State President has started a Twitter champion regarding Azaan. https://t.co/TPzf18MOQ9

14. Look how these girls had done word-to-word copy-paste work while following WhatsApp groups or the toolkit of CFI.
Don’t forget to see words like ‘Sanghi’ while advising Hindus to go to Nepal. https://t.co/bEvzyUPprC

15. If you still have doubts about copy-paste work and radical language. These tweets are for you. https://t.co/f0iZSNk46E


16. Next hashtag of CFI was started on 12th December 2021 to support arrested criminal Rauf Shareef.
Again see the copy-paste work and language they have used. https://t.co/iT0TeeS0Xf

17. Rauf Shareef is secretory of CFI and was arrested by UP police one year ago.
He was involved in money laundering for CAA and Delhi riots.
He was also involved in the Hathras case. https://t.co/xRxbnor2sO

18. This is a sample tweet to understand how these girls were radicalized by the potentially terrorist outfit CFI and PFI. https://t.co/tEVAABu9go

19. This proves that these girls were very well connected with CFI and their claim to come in contact with CFI only after Hijab propaganda is disloyal.
Now let’s move on the important part of this propaganda.

20. On 31st December 2021, these girls and the state committee member of CFI, Masood Manna has started propaganda from a college campus. https://t.co/08vvc9jDqQ

21. On 1st January, a Propaganda reporter of leftist and Islamic web portals, Meer Faisal has took an interview with the girls.
Look at the bio, in which propaganda media he writes.
It has the name of The Wire too https://t.co/PWfQ4qN61P

22. On 2nd January 2022 these girls have done a press conference along with CFI to take this propaganda to the next level. https://t.co/MehFePm3Vp

23. On 13th January 2022 another propaganda reporter came to take their interview.
Look at the names of the website she writes for!
The Wire is again there https://t.co/zdSBmDsffJ

24. On 19th January 2022 left-wing students and left-wing TV channel NDTV came into the picture. https://t.co/wxodU6bSRf

25. On 20th January 2022 another leftist propaganda journalist came and did her job. https://t.co/BNnRvBQzbP

Later when this case finally went viral, all the leftist propaganda media including IPSMF funded media and their propaganda journalists has started to play their roles. https://t.co/x9CGcQz9zv

As usual, Congress is playing their role in this case by providing legal help to this fake propaganda 👇